Waste Management Producer Responsibility Organization


(End-of-Life vehicle)


  • what IsPRO?

    WastePro offers:
    • ⚪ Regulatory take back scheme
    • ⚪ EPR implementation
    • ⚪ Consultancy of IPR
    • ⚪ Regulatory compliance reporting
    • ⚪ Resource recovery
    • ⚪ Downstream process reporting
    • ⚪ Circular economy

It is advisory for producers to get engaged with PRO for their IPR plans & objectives as per ewaste management guidelines 2016

We intend to create lowest cost model for the producers for channelization of waste from consumers.

Responsible recycling, a zero-landfill policy, a stop to child labour, and a pollution-free society are some of the visions which form the core of WastePRO.

EPR stands for Extended Producer Responsibility, and basically means that producers of electronic equipment are responsible for managing the end-of-life of the products manufactured by them.


An EPR return for waste is just like an IT return for Income Tax. As a producer, you have to file an account of waste managed by you or your PRO throughout the previous year so that the government knows that you are fulfilling your obligation towards environmental protection effectively.

How We
Can Create


Take back services Reverse logistics Awareness Drives

Our customary take back services ensure hassle free waste disposal for the consumer’s doorstep to the recycling facilities.

A secure transport forms is an important link in the channelization of waste with our Pan India collection centers & 24*7 consultancy services we ensure timely delivery of our services.

Be a part of our community drive for awareness & collection of waste. The effort is to reach out to the masses & induct responsible citizens behavior.

  • Creating ease of waste disposal.
  • Helping people to get the maximum value for their disposal.
  • Helping people realize the value of their waste.
  • Placement of collection boxes/bins.
  • Creating synergies between disposal industry and the waste generators.
  • Creating standards for general waste disposal.
  • Spreading awareness for waste segregation and see disposal.
  • Avoiding hazards of dangerous waste and it's disposal by awareness.
  • Educate to increase life of Electronics.


Pan India Collection center facilities

Your waste is our responsibility

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